10 October 2008


Montreal was indeed as endearing as id imagined and crossing the border was very 'ex'citing. even tho a french speaking midget did not greet us at the door of our hostel, everything else was quite perfect. we had our own little key to our own private little wooden gypsy caravan. it was just the right size for us. we got an unlimited metro card to freely tote us around for 6 days. and we went everywhere. we saw every part of the city and the part we stayed in, the old city, was by far my favorite. the whole city is very European feeling, besides the fact that everyone speaks french. the streets are narrow and lead to lots of intriguing alleys. its a place i could see us living. i liked the juxtaposed feeling of similarity amongst newness and variety. the feeling of being in another country but yet being close to home. (i don't like that there isn't an additional stamp in my passport.)

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