29 September 2008


Hot Chip
You Say Party! We Say Die!
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
Black Kids
Brazilian Girls
Julie Doiron
The Dears
Burt Bacharach
Laura Marling

Montreal awaits us. we are catching the greyhound tonight. stopping for a 6am breakfast in new york and off to Canada! it will be my first time visiting this french speaking city. we are staying in a hostel in the old city, and getting a private room that is supposed to resemble a gypsy caravan. we will eat crepes and see the city by day, and go to shows and wander the streets holding hands by night. yes- quite romantic. the bugs will bite.

note to self:
bring ryan back some sand

1 comment:

stephanie said...

it seems impossible for you and I to have a bad time! Montreal was amazing...but you were the best part of the trip