15 October 2008

just finished this the other day. amazing book. it follows the story of a 9 y/o boy whos dad died in sept 11th. the boy finds a key in his dads room and makes it his goal to find out what the key opens. those who love the movie everything is illuminated need to read this book. (i have yet to read the novel that inspired it but am planning on it very soon- bc the book is always better then the movie) it is the latest book by the same author. such a detailed writer. the book really makes you want to keep reading and even has pictures!

this book is a series of essays. some are good some failed to hold my attention, but in general it's a pretentious but funny book. he does make some very good points about pop culture that's for sure.

this is my current read. it is written one of my favorite authors, who also wrote Tuesdays with Morrie and five people you meet in heaven. the first few chapters leave me very intrigued.

even though i hate the cold i am excited to fall back into hibernation for the winter and get caught up in lots of books. I'm not gonna buy my scooter till the spring bc i know ill neglect it. plus i have been enjoying my 6 block walk to the bus stop and effortless $1.35 ride to work.


Ichael said...

everything is illuminated is a great book, pretty different than the movie. i read the book first so i can't imagine what it'll be like to do them in reverse. i think overall extremely loud & incredibly close is better, but i read it second and tend to be most enthusiastic about the books I read most recently. i'm sure you'll love everything... though!

Ichael said...

fyi i replied to your question on my blog, i don't know if you get notifications...