27 October 2008

its been a week since i mailed my absentee ballot application and i had yet to receive my ballot. so i waited for the mail to come today hoping it would arrive and it didnt so i called Richmond city to inquire about where it might be. after they got all my information to look me up in the computer she sadly informed me that i was not found, that i was not registered. she told me that i have to re-register every two years (and the last day to register was oct6). is this true? because as of now i offcially can NOT vote!

ill cry

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Ichael said...

What?! No, that's not true! You have to change your address if you move, but you don't have to re-register. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I ended up doing my absentee ballot in person at city hall. Gah! It turned out swimmingly, but I'm upset this happened to you.