16 December 2004

tonight was the smitty xmas tour. me and my sister went together and got to chill with christa black. she got us into the meet and greet and backstage. so i met smitty and definately talked to him about the argyle sweater. before hand christa showed us the tour buses and we went and hung out in her luxorious dressing room. it was so small we had to squeeze into the corner. then i surprised christa with 'the perfect mix attempt' mix i just finished, for gettin us in to the show and she was extremely excited. before the show we got this guy to take pictures of us three and then ones with how tall we actually are next to her. she was wearing like 3 inch heels which yes i tryed on. the highlight of the show was when shelley from point of grace was talking and then referred to the top of her rather flamboyant dress as a turkey carcass! haha ! during intermission we went and hung out w/ point of grace and i got to pet the turkey carcass.

what a fun night! thanks christa!

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