16 December 2004

my friends threw me an amazing going away party:

tons of my favorite people showed up
'the great white jenkins' played
aimee played
lauren theme games
grilled cheese
a root beer keg
laney took a video asking ppl what they are gonna miss about me.
18 people brought me personal going away cd music mixes!
modeling pictures
interpretive dance.
this guy even came!

more more


The Ken said...

Where are you going?

Megan Joy said...

AAAAAHHHH!... Lo, I can't even tell you how much I wanted to bid thee farewell at said extravaganza. If my silly brother hadn't needed a ride to the airport, it would've been so. But I'm so pumped that you had such a good time & I hope your overseas endeavors explode with fun & mind-expansion & God-loving! You are sweet & I already miss hanging out. Schafer misses you too.