13 December 2004

"it doesnt matter if there isnt a destination
because we are arriving everywhere
plant electric flowers in a feild
to bring it back to earth

a smile fell in the grass. irretrievable!"


Agnus Dei 5:47 Rufus Wainwright
sunday morning 4:08 Maroon 5
Don't Stop Believing 4:10 Journey
Track 02 3:15 Joni Mitchell
Lilac Wine 4:32 Jeff Buckley
parachute 3:09 Guster
Rainbow 3:23 G. Love & Jack Johnson
Maybe Not 4:19 Cat Power
I Went to the Hospital 5:14 Cass McCombs
Who are you now 2:15 Brandston
You Spin Me Right Round 4:27 Billy idol
Power Of The Gospel 6:02 Ben Harper
Breathe (2AM) 4:39 Anna Nalick
Sway 4:21 The Perishers
Little House Of Savages 3:16 The Walkmen
Follow The Light 3:08 Travis
If I Fall 4:54 Aqualung
If They Only Knew 4:14 Ester Drang

"as he grew old
he loved the word
and refused to
abbreviate it

many of us who
live too much in
our minds
can easily lead
to fretting over

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Anonymous said...

hey, my name's anji. i found your site when i searched for dreadlocks and since then, i've been checking in on you occasionally to look at more of your artwork or poems, both of which i love, by the way. and anyway, i wanted to comment on your Ani quote. The first thing i thought when I saw your pics was that you resemble her, and after reading your poems, you have the same views as her as well, which i admire. That's all i have to say. if you want, you can email me. it's tee_n_ess18@hotmail.com. just to chat or something if you ever have the time. And thanks for convincing me that humanity does still exist among people. Peace.