11 December 2004

each moment is as good as it gets
when i am obvious with myself


Looking into the horizon
by Lauren D'Auria

they abstractly stare
avantguardly standing,
but she sits holding
her abortion against
her empty arms.
ballerinas and acrobats
still dressed after
their act.
the clothes on their back
are all they own besides
a vase
a basket of flowers
a barrel
a satchel
her hat is shade
to the desert heat.
no one knows the distance they walk
to amuse


Coming of Age
by Lauren D'Auria

It's Saturday afternoon, wedding bells are ringing and I am
going to work. sitting at a light observing the obvious happiness
behind family pictures outside of my sill. A moment in time.

During my Junior year of college, I lived in Richmond, Virginia,
the homeless, parks, bicycles, coffee shops, late night city
The house I lived in was an old convent and school house.

I learned a few things in the 4 years of living in
One from driving the same route to work every day. The second,
after many walks through Virginia Commonwealth University of people
life does go on outside of my own.

One thing I learned however, I couldn't really handle:
my hope was deferred...
like the sudden urge that comes when someone runs by you
inspiring you to run a bit faster, then the feeling that comes
when you know you cant catch up.


They See Rocks
by Lauren D'Auria

what's the deal--
cuticles like jello.
swollen over
except for maybe one.

snow fall on my lap
brush brush crap
nails melt
as they hit the ground.

raggedy anne,
crayon marks all over
long divided gestures
facial agriculture

pilgrims in teacups
serving indians
short hair and suits with
white man filled guts.

who do they gaurd?
green army green gun
white bricks
no taller then an inch.

the silent laughter behind
window shaped silhouettes
celebrates lip sinks
and pets.

threaten me not.
i will stand tall
o my
lonesome heart.


Ask for nothing
by Lauren D'Auria

Lunch time. mid december and
I am full from breakfast but em-
pty of sleep. all night was spe-
nt working on a science proje-
ct with my sister. Together we
cut construction paper and ou-
r egos. We took turns sharing
my computer using the same i-
nk that will get us our A grade
after we do our presentations
tonight. The fall semester is a-
lmost over and I am about to t-
ransfer credits from Italy. coff-
ee breaks, waffles, the smell of
Shaffer court dining hall and t-
he sound of my sister's voice
as she walks in to tell me how
short her bangs are as i conf-
irm and smile, is what i will m-
is the most. The sun sets and e-
nds yet another countdown day.

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Anonymous said...

your words are like fire
don't stop running
towards the consuming fire