06 November 2004

thursday after me and my sisters lab partner fun in science class we went over to laney's vintage clothes party. on the way we took various serious modeling pictures. i didnt end up getting any clothes but vicki, one of roomates got this sweet dress! and we tryed to talk matt into getting this sweater vest but he wasnt as convinced that it was perfect on him. then after we ate our pizza in secret in the back room a bunch of us went and hung out in the hall and talked about bringing back the work 'queef' (hahha i know sick) but you have to say it in a way that makes no since at all. for example: "man, we had a queef of a good time!" etc.
since i hadnt figured out how to change my resolution yet i only could take about 20 or so pictures but go here and click on 'amici' to see the rest of them.

last night after work i met up w/ bunch of friends to see napolian dynamite at byrd (our 2 dollar theater). then i came back to emily/laney/erin/allysah/amy's house and watched fear factor, sponge bob, talked to emily for a long time and fell asleep on allysah's awesome couch. in the middle of night i woke up for a minute and smiled b/c someone but a blank on me. today allysah told me it was her :happy: i love my friends.

its been good to get away from sitting online for awhile.

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