09 November 2004

"live a life with fear of missing an opportunity, not messing it up" -chip bueler


eleanor rigby 2:04 the Beatles
I'm A Cuckoo 5:26 Belle & Sebastian
Fatale And Futique 5:14 Brazil
dust in the wind 3:31 Daughter Darling
Easy Tonite 4:14 Five For Fighting
These Are The Days 3:22 Jamie Cullum
Futures 3:58 Jimmy Eat World
Cathedrals 3:57 Jump Little Children
Into Dust 5:36 Mazzy Star
Freedom Fighters 3:44 The Music
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (DDR style) 6:57 The Postal Service
Trouble 4:00 Ray Lamontagne
here i am (acoustic) 4:08 Seven On Monday
Pink Bullets 3:53 The Shins
Reelin In The Years 4:37 Steely Dan
Stuck in the Middle With You 3:24 Steve Miller Band
The Dress Looks Nice On You 2:34 Sufjan Stevens
In The Waiting Line 4:31 Zero 7

1 comment:

Shannon said...

Not bad miss d'auria. not bad at all.

I like the new Jimmy Eat World a lot. Some of the songs rub me the wrong way though, like lyrically it seems too predictable and I just feel like they are better than that. My favorite track is definitely "23." It's really crazy when songs that are pretty lengthy can feel like they end prematurely.
Im posting a lot more on geeks4life. So check it out.

Hopefully we run into each other soon.