31 October 2004

last night was the mat kearney shane& shane show in williamsburg. when i got there i ran into joy and stephanie who i hadnt seen in forever b/c i never really go home that often. but yea so mat came on and i had been tellin everyone about him but most ppl there didnt know who he was so they were all talking like the whole freakin time! i was really annoyed and me and daniel could tell mat was too. but he still did an awesome job ending w/ an amazing freestyle about williamsburg.

after he was done and went off stage, me and daniel walked around to the back hall to try and find him b/c christa told me to tell him hi for her so i figured why not now. so we ended up findin him and talkin to him for awhile then i asked if he wanted to go to starbucks and he said he would love to. so me him and daniel took my car over to target fist b/c mat had to get some deoderant and daniel wanted to try on some dorothy shoes (ha). on the way there mat called christa and they talked for awhile and i got to say hey too. then we went to starbucks, chilled, got some coffee (i got my favorite drink of the season, the pumpkin spice frap)

mat figured we should be gettin back so we drove right back and he showed us the tour bus, mat got stopped to sign stuff for some kiddies and then we three went to the back room where they have food for the bands and mat and daniel hooked up the keyboard so i could play it. after the shanes were done daniel left and i went w/ mat over to the merch room and found a grand piano that i played while he was signin stuff. after all that and everyone had cleared out, me and mat played the grand piano for awhile. i played some of my stuff and he played some of his stuff. so yea it was awesome hangin w/ him. he is a really great, fun guy. i got this picture before i left... and off i went..home to my precious yorkie, bella, who i love and she even greeted me at the door.

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