10 November 2004

muse was last night!!! holy freakin crap they were ridiculously amazing. i really cant even explain how awe shocked i am. flabergasted. me, andrew, zach, and phil left around 2 from richmond and got to DC around 430. zach and timothy were really excited. we went to eat [i went to the jamacian restaurant and got a vegtable roti and a malt soda] andrew and zach got chinese and then andrew stopped to think about how we were about to go see muse play. then we walked around...ya know, ofcourse we stopped at 'up against the wall' ha. we went to star bucks and endulged on hot drinks and waited our time of waiting in line to get into 930 club. when we finally got in we went right up to the balcony over looking the stage b/c we decided it was better to watch then experience the sweaty pits and crowds. we ran into our friends vinny and steven. the first band was the zutons and we heard they were horrible but they surprised us and actually were very very good. muse came on at 10 and played all the way until midnight. their whole set (monitors, amps, keyboard stand, drums, main electric guitar) was crome and the lights were intense. they also had matching pinstripe outfits on. the keyboard stand was light sensitive to the keys that matthew played. the bass player, chris, had more pettles then matthew. they played mainly stuff from their new cd but some old stuff too. we loved how they didnt care about the audience at all but were all about the music. i hate when bands rant on when we didnt come to hear them talk anyways. after they played we sat down for a few minutes with jaws dropped repeating, "wow" over and over as we all stood in agreement that it was the best live show we have ever been blessed to sit in on. the rest of the pictures from the show are here.

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