30 October 2004

the past three days have been sweet. thursday night i went out to my friend's house in oregon hill with a bunch of ppl b/c they did a 'vortex of doom' haunted basement. and it was amazing.
last night was a good night too. after work there was a world full of fun and wish that i had my camera . the freakin batteries are dead. im gonna get a new one soon though

so anyways..this guy all that i work with just started a band called 'Alexander the great and the empire' and he was telling me about them and how they are jazzy like but he raps. and i was a bit skeptical about about if this could be pulled off and last night was the show at nancy raygun and the band was freakin awesome! and all is so cute up there singin on his toes. man wish i could show you.
after the show me and chris went over to laney, emily, and allysah's and they were carving pumpkins and cooking pumpkin seeds and chilling. i got some hot apple cider and ate some good cookie dough and then elmer came over and told me about this other local band maybe playin
so me and elmer ended up goin to this other party and watched ppl for a while and counted how many people tripped up or down these two stairs outside. ha. b/c everyone was drunk except us.
when we left there we ran into my sister and her roomate and her roomates boyf (lauren and greg) and i was so excited to see my chubbis. she said picture time and took pictures of me and elmer so here is the only documentaring of the night.

today i had to work until 4 and then drove to the bizaare market. its where all the local richmonder college age kids sell their stuff like art or cool stuff they want to get rid of.. i bought so pillows to match my bed, a vegetarian screen printed shirt and some raggedy cut cords all for one buck each. and now im on my way to see
shane and shane and mat kearney live! in williamsburg (and man all the hype the lovely's put up on that is not in vain! that cd is amazing and ive been stuck on it since last sunday, definately get it if you have yet)

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