05 March 2004

agressively calm and so loudly quiet

I rode my bike to get away from city sounds
but ran into all its reminders-
everyone else trying to get away.
the river is so aggressively calm
and so loudly quiet
it reaches a state of perfection in flow
people seem to admire it and want to be near it
as it just does it's own thing
in repetition flowing the same way
day after day without fail.
so the people come to get lost
laying separately on flat rocks
some were sleeping or looked as if they were
some were looking steadily with a fixed attention
on something or maybe nothing
some had artificial produced sound in their headphones
obviously embracing what they left.
we cant even take a minute
to be without thinking
we just keep checking our watches
to make sure we stay in our schedule
staying out just long enough to say that we did
then planning out the response
and thinking of what we could learn from it
instead of actually learning.
i want to be able to hang out
with each and every ray the sun gives us
sent down from it to play
but instead we take advantage of natural light
turning on our lamps in the middle of the day
open your windows or go outside
watch the grass waver
showing evidence of passing wind.
do ants think about where they crawl?
or where they build?
are birds prejudice about which branch they land on?
or which ground the crap on?
do the rocks by the river care about being corroded
to sacrifice itself for the front row seat view of nature?
and lack of civilization for freedom?
the river is so aggressively calm
and so loudly quiet.
faintly resembles that of busy city sidewalks
without the hustle and bustle
without the starbucks on every block
but of the people set on reaching
one final destination
the ocean of satisfaction and ruin
we are here for such a passing moment
so fleeting is our time
number your days for there are so few
will you be remembered
for what you did or for what you didn't do?

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