02 March 2004

me and luli musing about while taking a break from our bike ride and sitting on a once a tree now a stump:

God is not a citizen here
we wont even let him through customs.
realize that He created the color green on that card
and He is the liberty you titled your statue

consumers have tryed to control and box the consuming fire
shove Him in plastic containers
then mass produce it and lay it out in rows on our chain store shelves
this loss of dignity haunts me
i never want to see a day when my saviors name is thrown away
or hung up in my closet on a tshirt from target
the fish shape symbol used as a password during times of persecution
has become a casting mounted on the trunk lids of cars
eventually falling off leaving damaged paint and a damaged name

i have four bibles because i cant decide which cover looks best
dare not read any of them lest i rip a page or bend a corner

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