09 March 2004

24 desk people

24 people sitting stagnate in desks
withheld in rows and columns.
24 people have 24 life stories.
have 24 different outfits on
and 24 sets of parents.
some might know each other
most don't.
the only connection is this one class
in their schedule and one's feet
on the back of the others chair.
are we really as individual
as our desks make us to be?
(i want to scoot my chair
closer to the desk
but there is a factory made distance
metal exposed bars
holding it all together
the desk doesn't have legs of its own
without the chair the desk will fall
therefore it stays
where the chair says it will stay)
having our own chair with its own desk
doesn't mean we have our own opinions.
24 people influenced
by at least 24 others
once a week class which means
once a week seen
by these other 23
would i recognize them
outside this room?
or am i stuck in a system?
of robotic response
come to class and leave right after
look straight ahead
sshh no talking
we just might be as real
as the desk.

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