17 February 2004

hidden out in the open

do i like to be put on the spot or not
be hidden out in the open up above ground
not flying but sitting on wood from Lowes
now used to hold weight and good views of James.
this tree house is one that stands upright
money and time spent to build
with unseen hands for those to escape.
its covered with names of evidence
but no face left their mark which
exceeds the time and change of handwriting.
limbs proud not making it easy to let you down
but wants to support your body and thoughts.
silence befriends then lets you vent
with out the courtesy nod or selfish interrupt
but just waits until you're done
and for your mind to clear of its many burdens
that were left unsaid to those with actual ears
yet does so much better of a job,
then sees you off until you return again
your next appointment assumed is soon.

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