29 August 2002

my first week of school is almost over. today i had 2 more studio classes. my conception and presentation class...is gonna rock. we got our first assignment...and im so excited bout it. its basically we had to find a book. any book that already has something in it [writing, pictures, etc.] and we turn it into our sketchbook for 15 weeks. we collect stuff and put it in there or write stuff or whatever we want..but it is gonna be a really fun project. i picked this popart book to use as my book. me and kim went to the thrift store to find our books. [thrift stores rock by the way]

after that i went back home to the burg b/c its my DADS BIRTHDAY ..yay. so the fam got together and went to a nice italian restaurant to eat. then we went back to open presents at home. i got him a globe that is made entirely out of gems. it is a little black globe. it rocks...really expensive but my dad is worth it. my dad is so awesome...ill just give him a shout out right now- thank you dad for everything..you are amazing...i duno if you will ever read this but i want everyone to know how much i appreciate you and all you do for me and how you encourage me. i love you.. i hope you had an awesome birthday

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