28 August 2002

todays classes were the same as mondays plus my afo honors seminar class. that class i think is gonna be a cool class. the teacher is cool. english today was cool. my teacher is just funny to watch. like she is really old ..she makes like these funny facial expresions and when she talks bout stuff she like stops and laughs at herself. i duno she just seems like a cool old lady. i just sat there and laughed at her the whole class. hopefully she didnt think i was making fun of her. art history today was cool too. it was my first full length class. we went over all the stuff we read in the first chapter...well half of it. up to the paleolithic era. it is really interesting. i didnt think that i would like that class. b/c the only art that we are learning about it prehistoric to gothic art and that just doesnt seem very interesting to me or i have never wanted to look into it or cared bout studying it. but after reading the first chapter i really think that i will like this class alot. i will be learning bout the first kinds of art that evolved into the art that we do now..thats kind of crazy.

so today heather..my youth pastor came up from williamsburg to visit. me, her, her sister vannessa, and their two sons went to careytown..walked around and went to mcdonalds for lunch. that was my first meal away from hibbs since 2 weeks ago. yumm. i definately ordered off the 1 dollar menu..ha. so it was awesome hanging out w/ them. i miss heather and vannessa is just halarious so i like hanging out w/ her..[i only have like 3 times tho]. she lives in richmond so i want to more. and their two little boys are precious. they are both around 2 y/o. so now im in my room...lazy...i blame the rainy weather. so ill chill here till i am goin to a bible study tonight

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