27 August 2002

ok..back to my wooden chair. it seems like there is so much more stuff to write about since i moved to richmond. each day is so interesting in itself...today was my 2nd day of collage. i was suposed to have two 3 1/2 hour classes today for drawing and design but it ended up being my design class- 1 hour and my drawing class- 10 minutes. ha ..can i say how much college rocks? man..10 minutes. basically the teacher was like ok hurry up and sign this paper so we can leave. so when i was suposed to be done w/ school at 430 i got done by 110 today. i definately slept basically the whole day in between classes. in my design class we had to draw lines based off words..emotions..like "draw a angry line, draw a timid line, draw a slow line" so that was kinda cool. i guess it is hard to imagine what a emotion looks like as a line but i kinda just closed my eyes and drew whatever. so today was kind of a lazy day. but at 7 me, matt, and shannon took a road trip to plan 9 to get tickets to the john mayer concert and just our luck they werent sellin them there. so we drove to ukrops and the tickets ended up bein 25 bones a person. so me and matt are gonna get them at browns island..where the show is ..sometime this week i guess. after that we road back- parked and went to hibbs to eat. it was closed but there was this 2nd cafeteria open on the 2nd floor so we went up there...they prolly thought they were gettin out early b/c it was 845 and they closed at 9 but we walked in swiped our cards and ate. shannon was excited b/c he finally found where they hid his peach tea. so we chilled in there until they kicked us out. sooo when we walked downstairs it was like pouring rain out...it was when we walked to hibbs a little but now it was like way worse. so we walked under the over hang for awhile tryin to stratagize our gettin home...but basically we gave up and just walked. im surprised i didnt slip and fall b/c my sandles have no traction what so ever. i was totally soaked and freezing by the time i got to my dorm. its kinda funny how the only night it was cold outside it was raining...arg.

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