28 August 2002

today was a rainy day but it wasnt bad. i feel like the rain is prophetic. i feel like the rain is spiritual rain preparing the grounds of vcu. the seeds that will be planted this year need to fall on watered ground. streams of living water are flowing thru the streets. so in the rain i just had to just smile and sing. im excited bout what the Lord is goin to do this year. in this very dark campus his light is goin to shine. tonight we had a meeting at harvest renewal church..the church that i have been goin to. and it was basically about our campus ministries and some of the leaders shared their heart and what the Lord is showing them. one thing nicole shared was how the flags surrounding vcu all say 'VCU leading the way'. that is a very prophetic statement i feel. the Lord is goin to use me hopefully in many ways to reach out to others. tonight after the meeting me and matt were walking back to our dorms and we saw a homeless guy. we gave him a bagel to eat and we talked and just listened to him talk for about 45 minutes. we couldnt really understand him b/c he was drunk but i feel like it was the Lord that set up the talk. it was for some reason even if i dont know what it was. we got to pray for him right there before we left him and it was a good experience. there are alot of homeless ppl in richmond so that is hopefully the first of many times i will talk to a homeless person about the Lord and get to pray for them and give them food and maybe other practical things. it really was a fulfilling experience b/c i know that the Lord loves that man just as much as the Lord loves me. so i looked at him that way instead of as a homesless person. the Lord loves everyone. there are no exceptions. the Lord doesnt think of or love someone any less just b/c the ppl of this world shun them. the Lord doesnt want them to be homeless. he has plans for their life. well anyways...that mans name was peewee...if you think bout it ever or right now just pray for him...he hasnt always been homeless, his wife died, he was raised pentacostal, he has alot of health problems and he has a problem w/ drinking and drugs...but he will be delivered and healed in Jesus name! amen

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