22 August 2002

richmond has been fun...ive been roaming around town tryin to figure out where i am. bein reunited w/ everyone from governors school and my other friends. its been awesome hangin out w/ everyone. my bike i know will become very handy. it rocks bein able to ride it everywhere.monday day i met up w/ shannon and christina and we went around to get our books, our new student IDs, and our bus passes. then we went to careytown and went to plan 9, urban artifacts (i bought a shirt..it is like a baseball shirt w/ yellow sleaves and it is by my fav shirt designer local artist guy. it says poison on it...it rocks my face) monday night i went to my first concert at 929 cafe. it was a further forever and dynamite boy show...i went w/ my friend shannon. it was an awesome show b/c it was their last show on the tour so they were all crazy the whole night. and i got some awesome pictures. tuesday night bren from gov school (who is ditchin us and goin to MICA) came down w/ some of his friends and surprised us. that was awesome...cuz i havent seen him in awhile. so we walked around (me, bren, shannon, dyna, saul) and went to panda garden...this awesome chinese place. and i ordered fried donuts and fortune cookies. they also gave us all free smoothies that were really good. after that we all drove out to careytown and had our first experience at byrd theater. this theater rocks...basically what it is is they play movies that recently came out of the regular theaters. so it is really cheap to go. we payed 2 bones to see minority report. after this they droped me off at my dorm and i had to say bye to brennn...noo. yesturday i went and hung out w/ hammel and we wached simpsons untill me, matt, and christina went to seigal center and worked out...it is nice there and the good part...FREE. so yea..i ran 2 miles in 25 minutes...i know thats a record! thennn i went back and chillin in my room then met everyone for dinner...including shola! i havent seen him in forever...even tho he was basically sleeping the whole time we were w// him..ha. then after dinner we met up w/ kim and collin and went to 'salsa on the plaza'. we watched and made fun of everyone..then hamel came over and then megan came over which i havent seen in forever either. but as soon as she got there she left us..but we still love her. after this we went and got kim and collins bikes and hamel on his skateboard we went to hamels apartment and chilled. and that calls it a night.

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