26 August 2002

arg. its 7:15a..and my first day of squool in college. and like any other school year the past 12 years. im not excited. i dont like work and i dont like having to get up before im ready to get up to do work. so here i am...plaid pants, blue t-shirt, my orange backpack and tired eyes. its now 7:19a...my poster just fell and scared me [the dang tape wont stick to the walls] and i have 10 minutes before im gonna walk over to johnson hall and meet kim to walk to class. 7:21a -im glad that my day ends at 11 oclock b/c i can eat and go back to bed. unlike tomorrow where they day starts at 8:30 and goes until 4..that blows. but we will talk bout that tomorrow. 7:23a- my face itches, i need to put in my eardrops and i want to go back to bed... [zzzz]

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