19 August 2002

hey everyone...well i am all moved in to vcu. the Lord blessed me w/ a corner room witch is one of the biggest rooms in my building and even on the campus. i got here...there are no elevators so me, my dad, and jenna took many trips up four floors while my mom watched everything and made my bed :0). after everything got settled i hung out w/ ppl around town..went to my friend hamels friends house and then his apartment and watched the end of 'black sheep' and then 'big daddy'. then i came back to my dorm around 11 and then some other ppl came over...kim and christina from governors school and this other guy i met at star day, one of kims friends, and this other guy. i went to bed around 1 after unpacking alot of stuff...tryed puttin a twin size mattress pad on a extra long size twin...that was fun..ha. then i slept in my dorm for the first time alone in richmond. so thats where i am now...its 9:34 a and i got up to see if my eithernet was working...and thankfully and finally it is.. so thats the update on me. id love to hear from you all so drop me a line whenever. and ill keep ya updated bout when im comin in town.

by the way...i have a new email address...it is dauriala@vcu.edu so i will be forwarding all mail to that address and writin you from it after this email..thanx.peace

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