21 December 2014

my time

"Wherever You Go, There You Are" //Jon Kabat-Zinn

i  have been experimenting with meditation. its my attempt at slowing my mind. at calming myself. and i do it as soon as i wake up. to set the tone of the day. this has been going on for maybe 3 months now and i like it. the definition of meditation has changed a lot over this short period of time. the frigid air in my apartment has a lot to do with whether or not i do meditation in bed or actually get up, and walk downstairs into the one warm room in our place that my sister usually has preheated for me most mornings.

but i have learned that i dont have to get up as soon as my alarm goes off for it to count. meditation is a conscious thing and it can be at any point in my day even if for 1 minute or even a few seconds of deep breaths to re center myself. that quote up there by jon kabat-zinn has taught me a lot of this. thats the name of a book he wrote. i recommend it highly. if you have ever tried meditation and have given up bc you didnt feel like it was working or you didnt know if you were 'doing it right' , please read this book. because its not about right or wrong, its about how you are feeling in that moment. self care. acceptance- good or bad. processing thoughts, or not. breathing. 

take the time for yourself. you deserve it.


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