20 December 2014

my little path in the city

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don't need to escape from.” // Seth Godin

good morning world. my blogging days have been in hibernation for quite awhile now. over two years! i had become quite picky with my choices of what i thought i should post on here, but what ended up happening was that i lost my sense of expression. my communication with self. i want to change that this upcoming  year. as i begin to turn my life around in so many ways. i want to start with daily posts. maybe of a picture, a quote, or a recipe- and unfold for you, but mainly for myself, what my life looks like these days.

as the winter creeps nearer i find myself being ok with staying in . keeping warm by the (electric heater) fire. but even though i have not been distracting myself with adventure and exploring this new city, i have been far from productive. as you may or may not know i started a health coaching certificate program in september. Institute for integrative nutrition. it has been indeed life changing in so many ways. perspective tweeking and self care awareness have been 2 main focuses. my goal is to create routine and learn to live in the moment. to see the positive and not dwell on the future or what i am not doing. the path is very intriguing and i am up for the challenge. ill take back what i said, i have been productive. (another thing im working on , small changes) i am working towards a life style shift. and what that means i am not always so sure of. but i am headed there. i have to constantly remind myself to focus on the journey, not the destination.


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