11 November 2009

ive always wanted to have a garden.
when we first got to austin we bought 5 really beautiful pots (along with our chiminea) at Miguel's imports. but it wasnt until yesturday that we actually planted anything in them. we stopped by a local garden nursery and bought some winter flowers, agave, hot peppers and some seeds. my friend adam gave us some seeds also for a house warming present (upon my request) and i had planted the basil and dill seeds awhile ago. the basil sprouted quickly and died shortly after but just to be safe i moved the pot from the kitchen to the railing outside to see any of the seeds survived. surely enough one sprouted! the dill did really well and i definitely over planted the tiny pot i put them in. so yesturday i replanted a bunch of the sprouts into individual tiny plastic pots to see if they will keep growing now that they have more room. also i planted about 9 arugala seeds in individual pots to get them started. hopefully its not to late for them. next to them on the railing is a baby cactus, a tomato plant, a replant of the pepper plant, more dill and last but not least- a bull skull that stephanie found on her way to her soccer game 2 weeks ago. so its a good start to hopefully a future of gardening, once we have a big yard. im hoping to learn a lot more about when things are in season and what thrives in shade, what needs full sun, etc. i like this.

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Sharonc. said...

i have a basil plant + a verbena plant, but in Israel its called Louisa, and you drink it like tea. so good. I'll make you a cup when you get down here!