05 January 2009

road trip

Stephanie and i just got back yesterday from our new years vacation. we took advantage of these amazing gas prices and took a road trip down south. we set off Tuesday afternoon with our french bulldog, Lady and an english bulldog, Dori. the cutest smushfaces we could have ever asked for.

Atlanta was different then i thought it would be. it was a lot smaller. i didn't think i would like it- but it had a good feeling to it. the part we hung out in is called little five points. it was endearing in a way and reminded us a bit of Asheville. when we were driving around to find variety playhouse, where we saw band of horses later that night, we ran into a strip of boutiques, big warehouses and abandoned parking lots. we walked down overgrown railroad tracks in weather we hardly expected. it was pretty windy but it was nice out. good escape from the ice cold dc has been for the past few weeks.

new years eve was perfect, with my love, amazing music, ginger ale, molly, and ending with a midnight kiss with fireworks going off behind us.

the first day of the year we awoke and drove to one of my favorite cities, Nashville. this is a place i like to be a regular- at what are 'my' top spots. i always have to start w a popsicle from Las Paletas. no matter the flavor it is always amazing. the hour wait for sweet potato pancakes at pancake pantry is a must. another time with out having nachos from sunset grill (probably a good idea) but we spent some time at the dog parks and thrift stores w some of my favorite ppl i never get to see. nashville is a place i love to show off and never have a bad time no matter what we do.

it was good. but it is good to be home.

6 months today. i love you Stephanie.


stephanie said...

i love exploring with you. i also love visiting places you have once visited, before we knew one another. 6 months strong. every single day has been amazing!

louisa broocks said...

i had the greatest time seeing you and stephanie. both of you are so fun and sweet and I hope you come back soon :) lovelove

Mr. Mojo Risin' said...

fabulous pics,madames!