10 March 2008

south korea

seoul/busan pictures

to do list if you go to seoul:
-jimjil bang- 24 hour sauna/hot tubs (look for a red sign of 3 vertical wavy lines)
-dongdaemun market
(the subway system is really easy and really safe to travel alone)
-emart= koreas walmart
-itewon- this is where all the foreigners are and all the foreign restaurants.
-insadong* def go here. its where all the artists sell their arts and crafts. prob my fav part of seoul. (find the coffee shop that is full of train seats and you can write on the walls)
-cheonggyecheon - take the metro to city hall stop. this is really pretty at night and during the day. its a man made "stream"
-yanson- is the electronics mecca and where you can get any camera, computer part, phone, or hand held game you can imagine, also ripped dvds.
-inwangsan is the mountain we hiked where we met the badmitten players on the way up. if you go on a sunday during the day they will prob be playing
-doctor fish cafe
-and try all the food possible. (the street venders are all really safe to eat off of bc they use bottle water to make their food) you have to try hoduck (cinnamon pancakes) best thing ever! and 'toast'
-do a temple stay and learn about korean buddhism

to do list if you go to busan:
-beomesa temple
-watch the sunset at taejongdae cliffs
(hike this in silence. it is very meditative)
-jajuland- old amusement park (eat a corn dog and sweet potato fries)
-jagalchi fish market
-get lost in the graveyards
-go to gwangali beach if its nice out
-modern art museum

and so you know-
-when you get a metro card. ask for a city pass. it cost 3000 upfront and then put like 10,000 on it. it cost 900 each ride and sometimes they charge you to exit. like 300.
-any place that says "PC" is an internet cafe and it cost only 1000 won for an hour.
-1000 won = 1 dollar
-soju= korea's sake
-makali= really good. taste like yogurt beer
(you can drink in the streets)


tesni said...

im excited!

D!d said...

Sabe de uma coisa... amei a figura do cabeçalho. Foi você quem fez?
Muito legal.
Você tem cara de que é do Brasil...