22 July 2005

ive realized something and that is that the spirit of the age and the biggest stronghold on my generation is the so-called disorder, ADD. downtime and much needed relaxation and alone time is looked at and counted close to feelings of worthlessness by many.

"there is no fun in having nothing to do- but it is when you have lots to do and dont do it"

i hate doing nothing and i cant stand waiting on hope deferred invitations. the internet has become the bestest of friends- always up to hanging out and is never late.

when i picked up jill at the airport the other day- as i was waiting- i just watched the reunitings of families and friends. hugs and happiness shared. i almost started crying b/c i miss my family and friends that know me and i cant wait for that reunion. its crazy to think that i have only seen them for 2 weeks out of 6 months. im slowly weening myself out of my home- the place i grew up in no longer has that title and i have yet to find where i truly belong- where me and my future husband will make a place for our future kids to grow. as for now i have titled myself -a wanderer. right now its easier to be on the move than to think about being settled, yet i know its what my spirit longs for.

"sometimes the last thing you want comes in first, sometimes the 1st thing you want never comes, i know that waiting is all you can do sometimes" -aqualung

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rachel said...

Youre penmenship was ever so moving , i could feel the emotions seeping of the page. Really. IVe learned lately that how you wait is a sign of how much you trust God. Do you see your wait as a hassle? Or a neccesary time in your life? Netherless waiting for a desire of your heart is tough...call me . lets talk. miss you my beautiful, dread-head , bead matching buddy. smmoches