30 January 2005

i have learned alot here already just about the difference in the culture of italy from america. america definately is a comfortable life compared to here but i like this place. i am getting tons of walking in..we finally found the markets to buy food so we feel like we more moved in now..not eatin out all the time. you can hear through all the walls and ceilings here and we are gettin used to sleeping in the cold. we did our first loud of laundry today which takes 2 hours and we have to hang dry everything. so they will probly be dry in about 2 weeks..ha. the water is undrinkable, no long hot showers, we have to unplug the tv to use the microwave and vise versa, no bare feet in the aptmts, no big fridge and food that is full of preservitives to last us a month, we shop about every other day and the trash cans are about the size of a milk carton and we take the trash out to the street everyday. this internet cafe is right across the street. and streets here are basically all one way and small, everyone rides bike and scooters, even old women or women in dresses and stelettos. it is amazing. the americans are very obvious here. they are all very loud. ha. but italians all like the hang out on the streets and there is good night life here from what i have seen so far. so though i am still gettin used to it..i love it. one downfall is that when i try to speak italian, b-c the italians are so used to mass amounts of tourist flow, they will switch to english. hopefully that will not keep me from learning. more to come soon. keep the emails and the prayers flowin!
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