19 January 2005

hawaii musings.

it is amazing how as i grow up, different things speak to me now then what used to. hawaii was absolutely gorgeous in every way. but the humble spirit of the hawaiians spoke to me so much - everyone smiles, says aloha, and will talk to you in what actually seems to be a caring way, i love it and i am drawn to it. i realized that there is still so much in me that God wants to deal with. i learned that surrounding myself with happiness and positivity will feed it to me. i think that whatever you surround yourself with you will become. if what you seek you will find- and if you think that in order to fix yourself that you have to keep seeking what is wrong with you -then all you will find is sin and all you will feel is dark. but if you seek kindness along with the other fruits of the spirit, then the darkness within will automatically by expelled and transformation will come natural. keep your eyes on the light- not what is in its spotlight

one day me and my sister were walking down front st (which is like carytown) and we saw a sign for island sandals so we followed the sign around to the back to this hole in the wall shop and we met this amazing old man.  me and jenna talked to him for awhile as he let us try on his sandals. i could tell he was wise. he quoted emerson and after jenna told him that she didnt have a major he told us that if she was an indian lad, his tribe would  give him a blanket, 2 matches, a piece of glass, and send him off on a horse to find out what his purpose is, to receive his vision. he said that he believes everyone has a purpose and if you find it then your life work will not be a job that you hate getting up everymorning for but that you will love it and the word retirement will not be a word in your vocabulary. he also told us that ancient hawaiians did not talk, but communicated by body language and mind force. they believe that if you had to use words then you were not smart ( for lack of words) and they would look down on you. that is amazing to me b/c i always hate how our language is so incapable of true expression.

i just started a book called Tao te ching which is a taoism fundamental text but also stands as one of the worlds most popular and inspiring works of great literature. it says this "the source of life...is beyond the power of words and labels to define or enclose- while it is true that we employ words and labels to outline our experience, they are not absolute and cannot define the absolute. when it all began there were no words or labels. these things were created our of the union of preception and perception." what we long for as humans is expression, communication, and to be understood.

Kimu's maui rules
-never judge a day by the weather
-the best things in life aren't things
-goals are deceptive: the unaimed arrow never misses
-he who dies with the most toys still dies
-age is relative- when youre over the hill you pick up speed
-there are two ways to be rich-make more or desire less
-beauty is internal-looks mean nothing
-no rain, no rainbows

"we search for happiness in eager anticipation, and joyful memories, but we're better off paying attention to each moment as it passes. we never learn to predict what will make us happy, or how to anticipate the impact of major life experiences."

"if only we'd stop trying to be happy, we'd have a pretty good time."
-edith wharton

if all you think about is what is to come then you will starve yourself from present happiness and devoid yourself the joy of now


brock76 said...

Right on. The english language is SO hard to twist around to make it say what you want it to. It would be awesome to be able to communicate without speaking. Until then, we all get to be wordsmiths...

peace, brock76

moqui-- said...

hi i noticed u were reading tao teh ching- have u read living buddha, living christ--- by thich nhat hanh ---its a great book seems youd might like it-- stay beautiful---oh ya-love your poetry--peace