21 December 2004

my friend rachel was asking me what i thought about how God is perfectly content in the Godhead but still has emotions of desiring and passion towards people. i thought that is a good thought evoking thing.

if you think about this paradox...adam was complete w/ his rib but not actually complete until God took that rib out to form eve, leaving him uncompletely completed. i mean nothing really can make sense to our minds why God would desire us but i think it is like we are complete unto ourselves w/ God but we are complemented and have desire for our spouse..just like God desires his bride.

then rachel said she was thinking is it impossible for God to have feelings of loneliness bc if he lacked nothing , then why would he desire for hurt or broken people or does he just will for us to be saved and its no emotions attached to it?

i said well yea i mean if you think about it this way- i desire for my family to get saved but that doesnt mean that if they dont then i am not complete b/c i am complete myself only by God .God is God which makes him complete in himself, not by us -which proves that he doesnt need us but desires for our compliment like it says the wife compliments her husband.

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