27 November 2004

thanksgiving break was filled with:
-sushi with family
-my dad got me a bootleg of napoleon dynamite
-seeing bridget jones the edge of reason with sister
-my puppy's new sweater
-my sister stealing my car
-target with sister
-my favorite marna
-help mom make pumpkin bread
-mom dancing
-cousin's getting driver's permits
-sunsets over the ocean
-watching rudolf the rednosed reindeer staring hermey the dentist, with mommy
-attempting to see finding neverland- get there and sold out
-watching saved with mommy
-watching bridget jones diary on tv w/ mommy

way too many movies and my first exposure to laguna beach. lots of time with my lovely family who i dont get to spend nearly enough time with.

now its time to come back to reality- had to work tonight and school monday- blah

ragamuffin revelation
romans 5:20- where sin abounded grace much more abounded; so, just as sin reigned whereever there was death, so grace will reign to bring eternal life thanks to the righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ our Lord.

"and though it is true that the church must always dissociate itself from sin, it can never have any excuses for keeping any sinners at a distance." -Huns Kung

so basically what i realized through this is that when i or you go to a place where sinners are, a party, etc. there is great sin abounding, but if it is true that where sin abounds, grace has to much more abound then that means if you are the one and only christian in a situation then you are the designated gracebearer of God!- the one who will bring eternal life, salvation, through the righteousness of Jesus- not mine or yours. so in order for this verse to be proven true- my authority in Christ at that party, my influence is much greater then theirs is on me. if not then it is b/c i or you do not believe it to be true.

press on

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Sphere said...

your blog looks like it'll be worth a read. I like your ragamuffin revelation... a lot.
Peace, PD