30 September 2004

so yea i am a vegetarian now. which yes is very weird to most ppl and to myself being that a month ago and for the past year and some i have been hardcore atkins. buttt
oct 1st will be my one month anniversary..ha for lack of
words. but for the month of oct i am actually goin to go
vegan and see what happens from there. it is really going
really awesome. God is giving me alot of grace. but
really what had a big part in changing my mind was my friend mike's
blog entry and the parts where he wrote:

"people are deeply interested in it as well although they
have not the strength or caring capacity to stop doing
something they know is self defeating" "One agreed that
they would like to be vegan, but had not the moral
strength to do so, maybe he felt this way as we all would
like to travel the world or be millionaires but how is it
we can hold back other passions, for we know they too are
wrong, and not hold back when it comes to food
is it that
we are already conditioned to the idea of necessary death
for a meal for me it takes little moral strength, once I
was properly informed I could not pretend I didn’t know,
for to betray myself is to scream mutiny and jump
overboard I do not wish to be blind when it comes to
what’s on the inside, and I simply do what I believe is
right while others seemed to just think this fools talk,
and possibly blasphemy against America itself it needed
to be known where I stand, although my reasons were not
detailed or convincing I was still respected and it is
known that I can work twice as hard with a clear
conscience and a good PB&J"

i was convicted by that and reminded of the verse
[1 Corinthians 6:19] in the bible that says, "Or do you
not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not
your own?"

and i think that so many christians do not really take
this verse into practice. that is why so many christians
are fat. but that we should be setting the example in
even our health. i was talkin to my friend christa about
it too. and she was saying that food is like the only
drug left for christians b/c we dont drink, smoke, or do
drugs, or whatever. and so we will use food to
satisfy and try and fill our voids instead of God. i was reading an article in relevant magazine called "taking on glutony" and it said, "Always included as one of the seven deadly sins, but never taken as seriously, gluttony is a vice we better pay attention to, before we are overtaken by it, literally.

Health surveys indicate that almost one-third of Americans can be categorized as obese, which means having an abnormally high percentage of body fat. I haven't seen a poll taken just among Christians, but my guess is that the results would be comparable to national averages. Even though its effects are so far-reaching, it seems that gluttony is one of the vices that most of us would rather ignore.

Call me an identifier of the obvious, but one reason that gluttony is such an ensnaring sin is because food is so unavoidable. Ecclesiastes 6:7 states: “All the toil of a man is for his mouth, yet his appetite is not satisfied.” A person who struggles with drunkenness may be able to stay away from alcohol, but all of our bodies need food."

I didnt want to do it at first b/c everyone thinks that i
am a vegetarians b/c i have dreads. but God showed me
that i have pride and that it didnt matter b/c like mike
said, "once I was properly informed I could not pretend I
didn’t know, for to betray myself is to scream mutiny and
jump overboard I do not wish to be blind when it comes to
what’s on the inside."

also i was looking on peta's
website and i read some articles and a paper i actually
wrote freshman year on hormones in meat and one of the
things that i read was that meat can increase my chances
of getting breast cancer [and being that i have already
had 4 lumps taken out of my breasts i thought that was
good reason to stop].

so God is teaching me self discipline. i have also been
running and going to the gym every morning.

"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God" (1 Corinthians 10:31).


Anonymous said...

veagan's are soo hott!!!!good going!!

moqui-- said...

it's VEGAN_ and i think their hot too..

Anonymous said...

fat babies are happy babies

Unconsoius said...

Awsome Read...Awsome , Keep Peacefull Lau-Ren =-)