29 September 2004

i saw keane last night in DC at 930 club with my friend aimee and her friend tim. i had never been to see a show there before. it is really small but i liked it and they had good vegetarian food. but yea keane was amazing. the opening bad french kicks was alright. they ended up playing what seemed to be a longer set then keane b/c keane was conan that afternoon and had to fly on a private jet back to DC and they ended up flyin into dullas which is like an hour from 930 club. so there was an hour or more in between bands. during that hour me and tim talked some and we met all these guys that were super seniors at my college VCU and these other two girls that are in the navy and aimee had a B52 while i had a caramel Macchiato and we split our money and bought a sheet of keanes stickers. keane didnt even go on until 1115 or so but the tech guys had everything set up so when they got there they ran right on stage and their setlist included: this is the last time, sunshine, she has no time, we might as well be strangers, somewhere only we know, everybody's changing, bend and break, cant stop now, your eyes open, snowed under, and ended with on a day like today. then for the ancore they came back and played allemande and ended with bedshaped which is my favorite song by them and it was a perfect ending to an amazing night. the band was awesome to watch..ha i was laughing along with singing because if you have seen them or when you do youll notice that the piano player carrys the whole band when it comes to stage presence. he is insane. the lead singer looks just like he does in the music video..haha. doesnt know what to do and kneels down to end everysong and the drummer..well ya dont really notice him. on our way out tim grabbed me one of the many poster squares off the wall and we got outta there around 1230 and got home at like 230. i went right to bed with a smile on my face thinking about all the amazing bands i have seen these past few months [mogwai, muse, interpol, the rapture, ani difranco, and keane]

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