23 June 2004

some song lyrics and serman quotes i jotted into my flip pad

'we use our minds and seem to be mindless' -chip bueler
'when you dont have what is above and beyond you then you will always be governed by what is in and around you' -chip bueler
'i think im falling in like with you' -unknown
'hello miscomunication, im back' -anathallo
'dont hold people to moments in time-- people change' -?
'we have strongholds in our life and we mistake them for personality traits' -?
'your confession needs to be as public as the sin was. dont dump a secret sin into someone's soul for it to be an unnecisary burden' -?
'just because theyre shy doesnt mean they dont think' -me
'greetings in brail should describe everything because you cant see anything' -?
'our joy doesnt come from how well we hide our sin from eachother and our joy doesnt come from how secure we feel because of what we do correctly--and scared to death, looking over our shoilder all the time, because of all the things we do that we know are sinful. our joy comes from the fact that we are people exposed, and sinful, and desperate, and yet simultaneously, as martin luther might tell us, saints, sons and daughters, because of our inheritance in Jesus.' -relevantmagazine.com

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