24 June 2004

"the goal is to come to the end of our own power. Just as Christ came to the cross without a scrap of His divine power, so we live our lives in a state of weakness, for only there can God truly reveal His power in us. die to everything we hope people will admire about us, and any personal desire for power, fame , wealth, public speaking or influence. in the places where we are angry and depressed, abandoned without hope or simply confused about how to think or believe, that is an opening for God to be present among us. it doesnt matter how much you dress yourself up, how well you learn to hide your sin from people, better for you to come out, and actually better, and i really do mean better--like you will be more filled with joy--to be able to say, 'you know what? know me for who i really am. im completely exposed. heres my sin; heres my Savior; ive got nothing to hide. ive got nothing to be ashamed of. ive got no fear. im totally filled with joy because im liberated, 'cause im exposed, but im not scared. and thats because i know that Gods favor for me is based on Jesus. im not scared to tell you who i really am. im not scared to tell you what my sins really are, not just the ones im comfortable with, but my real sins. im not afraid to tell you, and thats because im not condemned by them anymore, and thats because i believe Jesus is sufficient" - relevantmagazine.com

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