19 February 2004

tonight i went to a spirit filled hard core show. the guys in the hardcore band i saw tonight i know from chi alpha and they are all amazing guys with such a hunger for the Lord. so anyways..they did a two part show. the first part was just them playing hardcore stuff and it was amazing really good and anointed. it wasn't that i was shocked but i think that i just tell myself that i don't like that kind of music but when i go to a live show it just overwhelms me and almost takes me over into a state of satisfaction like it is in agreement w/ the yearnings of my soul. the Lord was showing me that hardcore screaming music is like a form of intercession almost b/c it is like the depth of your soul crying out in words unexpressable or at least unfruitful to your mind. and in it He gave me three verses [matt 11:12]...the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the the violent take it by force. [eph 6:12] we dont wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. [ps 42:7] deep calls unto deep. its like the surrounding groans of the spirit trying to be free. the longing that our spirit will over take our weak flesh. and hardcore music is abstract in the same as abstract expressionism art. like jackson pollack and mark rothko. no matter how much i hate art like that it is like the Lord is drawing me to appreciate it b/c i am coming to see how inert words and images really are and how God is so not limited to them.

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