09 June 2002

last night was the 96x fest. there were five bands but the only bands i wanted to see were our lady peace and dashboard confessional. we ended up gettin to the show around 9:30 b/c we got lost. the band that was playin there when we got there was...well i dont know who they were, but i didnt want to see them anyways so me and my friend marna went outside. the place where the concert was is called 'the boathouse' so it is right on the water. we were just chillin and talkin and then all of a sudden fireworks started goin off across the water. they were awesome fireworks too. there were even ones that would explode into smiley faces! so we wached the fireworks for like a half hour or maybe even longer. but anyways...i saw our lady peace in concert back in the day when they just started becoming popular. i think i was in middle squool. so i havent even heard any of their music since then. but they ended up being really good. i forgot even what kind of music they were. they kin of reminded me of juliana theory ((juliana theory is much better offcourse)). i liked their sound. but really the whole time i just wanted to hear chris. when they were doin the soundcheck we were just walkin around lookin for ppl we knew and then i saw ERNIE...we ran and attacked him and we hung out w/ him and his friend the rest of the night. dashboard didnt end up goin on until around midnight. he started w/ saints and sailors then i dont remember the order but some other songs he played were...screaming infidelities, hands down, again i go unnoticed, remember to breath, bitter pill, the best deceptions, shirts and gloves, a good fight and lots of other songs that i know but i dont know the titles of them. ((ill get back to you on that..so you can know all the songs)). Chris played w/ 3 other guys on acoustic, bass and drums, and piano. chris switched guitars like every song. but the concert rocked. dashboard only played for an hour tho and didnt have an ancore. so that blowed. i was mad about that but what the hey...i was just happy i got to go.

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