11 June 2002

awesome awesome show. it was a great night. we got there. i tryed to bring my camera in once again to this show but once again they wouldnt let me. i had an incounter w/ a porta-potty. we walked down the board walk on the beach w/ two of my best friends. perfect weather. that art show was up today but it was all down by the time we got there. we drove up around 7 and got there around 830. we found this disposable camera on a random bench on the board walk too. i was gonna take it and put it in my bra to take into the concert but it only had 6 pix left i didnt want to pay for a whole roll-so we took a picture of us 3 and left it for someone else to find. we went back to peabody's where the show was and we chilled..i bought some stickers and a button of juliana theory. and we had a perfect spot leaning up against this railing on a platform. since we are all vertically challenged it was very helpful. the show finally started around 930...and they played till 1045. their ancore rocked the hardest.
some of the songs they played were:
emotion is dead,
if i told you it was killing me, would you stop?,
into the dark,
is patience still waiting?,
this is the end of your life,
the ancore was an acoustic song i think from their first cd but i dont know the title and they ended the show w/ 'you always said goodnight'. that is the main song that i wanted to hear. we freaked out when they started playin it. this concert goes down in my history, ill put the ticket in my life book and now its time to sleep. night kids

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