10 February 2016

Are You Coachable?

"real change is more often spurred by desperation than inspiration."
im looking for people who could teach me how to live a life worth living

A proverb says that only stupid men learn from experience. Wise men learn from other people’s experience.

humility. Humility teaches that there are things we need to do that we cannot do on our own. The most important things we need to learn require fundamental changes in our behavior and outlook. Humility requires a change of heart rather than a change of mind

willingness to surrender controlWe implicitly insist that we will only give up control once we have seen results. In fact we only get results if we are willing to give up control. Unwillingness to surrender control is the single biggest reason for the lamentable fact that most authentic change is precipitated by a crisis.

authentic change is a journey into the unknown, and a journey into the unknown is by definition a journey into uncertainty. Insisting on certainty is just another bogus constraint we impose to stay off the hook.

faith. The problem with life is that it must be lived forward and only understood backwards. Usually things get worse before they get better. Only hindsight is 20/20, and that is why we so often hear someone exclaim, “If I knew then what I know now I would’ve changed years ago.”

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