21 September 2011

Look back over your lives, look at the initiations that you’ve been through when you have had to make difficult decisions - and then you have said to yourself, ‘Have I made the right decision?’  Let me reassure you THERE ARE NO RIGHT OR WRONG DECISIONS, ONLY THE DECISIONS THAT YOU MAKE.  THERE IS NO SUCCESS OR FAILURE, THERE IS ONLY WHAT HAPPENS.  
So it is time to stop judging yourself and pulling yourself down.  It is a time for opening yourself up, thinking and feeling through your heart, being in touch with your own spirit, your own past life energies and wisdom, and becoming more fully aware of what your mission is in this life.  Do not allow the vision of that mission to become an expectation, because that will trap you.  Approach it with an air of expectancy, an attitude that says, ‘Whatever happens tomorrow will happen tomorrow; and I will look forward to it because I will approach it positively, in confidence, knowing that 
the energies that are with me are guiding me and supporting me.'

-2012 - How Will Our Entry into the Aquarian Age Affect us

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Jonathan said...

Yes, Yes, YES! That's some food for thought that never goes out of season.