03 November 2010

Jenna and i had our first farming experience on Wednesday morning. we woke up before the sun to head out to johnson's backyard garden. Austin's very own local organic farm. i have been going to the farmers market at the triangle for the past month since i moved a few blocks away. aside from being drawn to and loving the graphic design; jbg always was the tent with the largest variety of vegetables to offer. WWOOF is something that i have always wanted to do so i researched opportunities to volunteer at a farm near by. just happened that this one was only 20 minutes away. i emailed them to see if i could get on that week and due to high demand it wouldn't be until the following Wednesday that they had an opening. so i thought it would be the perfect adventure for me and Jenna to have while she was in town! and it was so much fun! we got there at 8 am on the dot and were put right to work. first we bagged 1/2 lb bags of arugula, then we cleaned spinach in these giant water vats. then (my favorite part) we worked on this giant machine to separate the twigs and duds from about 500 lbs of green beans. we had to wear ear plugs- as the corrugated metal rattled the beans downward, and 8 of us grabbed what quickly went past us, throwing the bad beans over our shoulders and the good ones fell into the crates- that we later had to separate into 20 lb boxes that went whole sale. and to finish it all off we did a 10 person assembly line to put together the weekly CSA boxes. which we, in the end got to take 2 of them home! a mass amount of free vegetables to supply us for the whole time Jenna is here! it was totally worth it.


Danielle said...

I love you for thinking that was fun. It was interesting to read about, but farming would be like my own personal version of hell. Maybe that's why I like you so much...opposites attract.

Anonymous said...

haha this is awesome