27 September 2010

fall is here and the state park tour begins. camping every friday in a new place. exploring my new state.
this past friday we went out to pedernales falls. we wandered around the park for awhile trying to find this one climbing spot that marisa had been to years back. ended up that since it has been raining so much lately the water was super high and too rough to cross with the dogs. but the dogs were happy. running around freely on the rocks. playing off leash. camping there was full of reserved boyscouts- but we enjoyed our evening. watched the sunset. cooked dinner on the trusty camp stove. drank wine. around 10 we drove 20 minutes southwest to camp in blanco before heading back to pedernales in the morning to boulder at this other secret spot hidden out in the woods. marked by a tree stump, full of carefully placed rocks in each of its crevices.

this is my favorite time of year.
beanie, long sleeve shirt, and shorts weather.

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