16 June 2010

the other day i stayed up all night reading back through my blog. reading the poetry that used to flow so freely from my pen. how succinct and creatively i could explain my surroundings and day to day. though i was impressed with what i can call mine, it also showed me how far i have fallen from that place. how instead of continuing to climb the tower of creativity, instead pushing myself further and further into my eye- my mind - my heart- i have ridden on the wake of the boat that passed by me. and the water has begun to settle. as a matter of fact it has become quite stagnant. i have come to the point of second guessing myself. doubting the legitamacy and impact of my words. i realize this now and i am making steps to regaining my self. this person with in me is coming up for air. reaching for the clouds of potential shaped into 4 letters, R-I-S-K.

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