03 June 2010

the four agreements: a toltec wisdom book

chapter 5.
the fourth agreement: always do your best

'when you do your best you learn to accept yourself. but you have to be aware and learn from your mistakes. learning from your mistakes means your practice, look honestly at the results, and keep practicing. this increases your awareness.' p.81

'action is about living fully. inaction is the way we deny life.' without action upon an idea, there will be no manifestation, no results, and no reward. taking action is being alive. its taking the risk to go out and express your dream' p.82

'we don't need to know or prove anything. just to be, to take a risk and enjoy your life, is all that matters. say no when you want to say no, and yes when you want to say yes. you have the right to be you. you can only be you when you do your best. when you don't do your best you are denying yourself the right to be you. that's a seed that you should really nurture in your mind. you don't need knowledge your great philosophical concepts. you don't need the acceptance of others. you express your own divinity by being alive and by loving yourself and others.' p.85

'everything you have ever learned you have learned through repetition. if you do your best in the search for personal freedom, in the search for self-love, you will discover that it's just a matter of time before you find what you are looking for.' p.86

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