20 April 2010

the highlight of coachella

"the highlight of coachella was pretty much everything. simple, sublime spontaneity. our karma was on point bc when we got there shit was a mess, shit was hot, mad long lines and impatience, but finally we all herded through like a bunch of anarchic sheep bc they ran out of wrist bands. we didn't have a camp spot bc we neglected to buy one in time before they sold out so as we were trying to reach our friends in the heat of the crowd, we couldn't, so we plopped down with our heavy packs on some random spot and the people let us in with a nice welcome and some 'special' treats and let us pitch our tiny tent on the edge of their space. we made friends, but didn't save any of their information unfortunately, but we shared stories and yerba mate during the sunny mornings. i appreciated that.
must say, fever ray was the most spiritual show of the weekend. check out a few coachella 2010 fever ray youtubes and you'll see what i mean. kind of demonic, but so amazing. saw them friday, along with yeasayer, passion pit, vampire weekend, grizzly bear was awesome, lcd soundsystem and all the dance tents were awesome. pretty lights, deadmau5 - those 2 were an extastical dance party.
saturday we started off with beach house (lovely lovely), saw a little bit of portugal the man, but skipped out for temper trap, flying lotus. the xx was the shit. bassnectar, hell yeah, saw a few ghosts at that one, but if you like vibrations and lazerlights you couldn't miss it. the deadweather was sick. alison mosshart is one badass bitch. hot chip, mgmt.. so fun.... of course muse was amazing, and fell off at tiesto. they aren't really my style, a little too repetitive/technoey for me, but we were schlitzed and they did a few sweet remixes with the yeah yeah yeahs, etc.
sunday was the best day, got wasted in the grass with the chillest sister, sam, berns and mau.. gran canaria rum/gingerale's, sam adams chug fest with some random kids who were trying to catch a buzz before security, snuck some snacks in and skipped to the venues for deerhunter, matt & kim, yo la tengo.. ate some grub.. by that point we were pretty burnt out and walked over to charlotte gainsbourg, she was mellow so i took a nap in the grass and listened, same with jonsi, had to check him out (the guy from sigur ros) such a relaxing, cool breeze at that stage. spoon was sweet, phoenix really puts on a great live show. oh yea can't forget king khan & the shrines, they were the shit and wild with it. found some sweet creature wayfarer sunglasses at de la soul, but that wasn't my thing so we scurried over to the beer garden for some agave margaritas and listened to this argentinian band called babasonicos. also caught some rusko (dubstep), and later on finally thom yorke came on, so o o amazing. played everything in its right place and i almost cried. then we went to see gorillaz, eh i love their new album, but they suck live. am i missing anything?
the whole trip was a true hit. probably one of the most memorable trips and spontaneous of events in a while. met some really cool people and just went with the flow of the weekend. weather was killer, didn't shower from thursday to tuesday and hitched a ride back to palm springs with this really really genuine dude (now a new friend) who dropped us off on his way to L.A. we even stopped for breakfast, talks, (hand and facewashing) and coffee at denny's. not sketchy at all. everything worked out and my mind is still lost at coachella!!!!!!!! i feel it's mantra-like: "coachellllla, coachellllahhh, coachellllaahhhh" "

written quite perfectly and succintly by my jenna d

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