22 December 2009

so i found these black booties in nashville at a thrift store maybe a year ago and they quickly became my favorite shoes next to my toms and i wore them all the time/ wore them out. straight cracked through the soles. the other day stephanie took them to the shoe hospital and the guy, in a nice way, broke it to her that the shoes were not worth fixing. that he would not only have to replace the entire sole but actually have to repair the shoe and would result in a 45 dollar ticket. being that i bought them for only 5 bucks i admitted that i might just have to move on and let my friends go. mean while- as always, i was checking up on my friend kate's etsy for new shoes that could be a possible replacement (even though my heart would never go out to a pair of shoes like these). i saw a black pair, size 8, that closely resembled mine and i asked her to set them aside for me until i got to richmond. and her being a sweetheart told me i could have them for christmas! so today she brought them w her when we got breakfast and to my surprise they are the long lost twins of my shoes! exact same brand/size/ red plaid lining. brand new. shiny, perfect, and never been worn once! my heart is happy that my shoes will be able to live on!


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