09 December 2009

Oven-Roasted Salmon, Asparagus and Potatoes


* 1 potatoe, peeled and cut into small pieces
* 2 Tbsp olive oil
* 1/2 pound medium asparagus, trimmed and sliced on the diagonal, 1-inch long pieces
* 1 Tbsp chopped fresh rosemary
* 1 strip of lemon zest
* 1 small garlic clove, coarsely chopped
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* Freshly ground pepper
* 2 salmon steaks (10 oz each), cut about 1-inch thick
* 1 lime, cut into large wedges


1 Preheat oven to 400°F. In a large, shallow baking dish (10x14 inch) coat the potatoes with olive oil. Arrange the potatoes, in the baking dish and roast for 10-12 minutes, until the potatoes begin to brown on the bottom. Turn the potatoes over and roast another 10 minutes until browned on top. Remove the baking dish from the oven.

2 In a medium bowl, toss the asparagus with the rosemary, garlic, salt and season with pepper to taste. Add the asparagus mixture to the potatoes and stir to combine.

3 Push the vegetables to the side of the dish to make room for the salmon steaks, squeeze lime juice on both sides of salmon. Return the baking dish to the oven and roast the salmon and asparagus for 10-12 minutes, or until the fish is just cooked through.


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